Thank You.


We started this campaign with a clear goal in mind: to bring a defense attorney to the Superior Court and build a court that treats people like people, not like legal briefs. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to continue with that campaign. Effective today, I will be withdrawing from consideration for a seat on the Pennsylvania Superior Court. 

This isn't a decision I take lightly, but the expense of mounting a competitive statewide campaign has made it impossible for me to continue to meaningfully pursue this office. Our message is real, however, and the need criminal-defense perspectives and young voices will be a necessity in the court’s future.

The conversations I've had, friends I've made, and stories I've heard all across this great Commonwealth have been absolutely life-changing. To all who circulated petitions, donated to our campaign, or otherwise took a chance on me, I'm beyond grateful.

In May, I will proudly be supporting two great Democrats for the court: Judge Dan McCaffery and Amanda Green-Hawkins. Judge McCaffery and Amanda have been gracious opponents. They have campaigned with the utmost integrity, and, with their eyes keenly turned towards making a court that treats people justly and fairly, they both will be fantastic additions to the bench. They will be judges that I'll be proud to appear before as I continue on my path as a criminal trial and appellate lawyer. 

Now, I simply look forward to spending time with my family, who’s sacrificed so much over the past two months as I’ve pursued this office. For Judge McCaffery and Amanda who continue in that pursuit, I wish them well in their continued campaigns, and I ask that all who’ve supported me to now give them your support in May and November.