Representative Austin Davis (D-35)



"I have seen first-hand how dedicated to fairness and the rule of law Ryan is, and I am excited to give him my enthusiastic support in this race. Ryan brings a needed perspective to the Superior Court. Not just geographically -- coming from an underrepresented community, but the Superior Court needs a younger perspective, a perspective that comes from criminal defense and working-class roots. Ryan James exemplifies that new and much-needed perspective.” 

Senator Jim Brewster (D-45)



"Ryan James comes from working class roots right in the heart of my district. His passion for justice, his hard work in establishing a reputable solo practice right out of law school, and his extensive experience fighting in the trenches on behalf of every day working men and women make him a perfect choice for the Pennsylvania Superior Court.  A Judge Ryan James would be yet another force in humanely handling this opioid crisis ravaging our Commonwealth.”  

Allegheny County Bar Association


Recommended: β€œThe candidate possesses a reputation for the utmost integrity and the legal ability, experience, and temperament to excel as a judge of the court for which he or she is a candidate.β€œ